Cleveland Police Federation
Cleveland Police Federation
Tag Heuer Limited Edition Watch for UK Police Services

This is the first time that a high end Swiss watch maker has done something like this for the Police Service.

It is called 'Thin Blue Line' and has been released by Tag Heuer to recognise the very significant contribution made to public service by those in policing.

It will only available in this country and only through a single jeweler that Tag have partnered with for this project: Andrew Michaels (AMJ) Jewelers of Newark.

Only those who currently serve or those that have served as officers, police staff or volunteers in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland are eligible to purchase the watch and appropriate validation checks will be made.

The gents watch is priced at £2000 and the ladies watch at £1850 and a range of flexible payment options exist including 0% finance (works out at £37.50 per month over 4 years for the gents watch).

The watch will be limited, in that it will only be available for a period of three months and then never produced again. As such the serial number will reflect where in the process the order was placed coupled with the total number of watches ordered. So, order number 328 of a total of 2350 watches ordered will have a serial number 328/2350.

£25 from the sale of each and every watch will be donated to one of two policing charities - Care of Police Survivors (CoPS) and the Police Arboretum Memorial

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