Cleveland Police Federation
Cleveland Police Federation
Discipline Trained Reps

    Richie Murray - JBB Deputy Secretary/Treasurer & CAPLO - Federation office Ext 1246
    Mark Richardson - JBB Secretary - Federation Office ext 1246
    Andrea Breeze JBB Chair - Federation Office ext.1246
    Steve Alstead - South M8
    Dave Chard - M8 Custody Office
    Dale Darby - M8 Custody office
    Phil Dawson - M8
    Matt Kenning - IRT North
    Carl Broughton -North
    Chris Stoddard - JBB Vice Chair - North

The above representatives have been trained to assist members through all stages of the Misconduct & Unsatisfactory Performance Procedures, if you require assistance in this area please contact them direct via the reps contact page or call the Federation office on ext 1246.

If the matter is urgent and out of hours a 24/7 call out list is available via Control Room.