Cleveland Police Federation
Cleveland Police Federation

Powerful new video testimony gives Protect the Protectors campaign a timely boost

New footage of powerful testimonies from police officers who have been assaulted while on duty will add further weight to the Protect the Protectors campaign, according to the chair of Cleveland Police Federation.

The videos have been produced by the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) and Cleveland's Andrea Breeze says they act as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by its members.

Their release comes just days ahead of the third reading of a Private Members' Bill in Parliament this Friday (27 April), which sets out to offer more protection to emergency service workers by increasing the punishment handed out to those who assault them.

Andrea is calling on all Cleveland MPs to support the Assaults on Emergency Workers (Offences) Private Members' Bill.

"There are some horrific tales told in the videos of officers being choked, sexually assaulted and stabbed, among other attacks," says Andrea.

"For far too long, these sort of assaults have been viewed by some as just 'part of the job' of a police officer.

"Well, that has to change. Nobody should have to put up with that sort of level of violence while they are simply trying to protect others in the communities in which they work.

"Punishments for people who do this sort of thing to emergency service workers are currently way too lenient so the success of Friday's bill is very important to all of us. There was excellent support for it during the first two readings in Parliament in 2017 and that was very encouraging.

"I hope all Cleveland's MPs give it continued backing this time to push its contents closer to becoming law."

National Federation chair Calum Macleod says: "The videos show the bravery of our emergency services and the dangers they face every time they put on the uniform. It cannot be right that they should be at risk of being attacked, wounded and scarred physically and emotionally just for doing their job serving the public."

The Protect the Protectors campaign is also expected to be a major feature of the national Federation conference in Birmingham next month when keynote speakers address and discuss major issues with a large audience made up largely of Federation representatives. You can view the newly released videos here and here.