Cleveland Police Federation
Cleveland Police Federation

Fed chairs supports CT campaign

A new nationwide counter-terrorism campaign has been launched with Cleveland Police Federation chair Andrea Breeze saying local communities can help fight the threat of attacks.

Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) is a four-week campaign being supported by forces across the country.

"The threat of terrorism has, sadly, been proven as all too real on our shores in the past decade and we need members of the public to be our eyes and ears," Andrea says.

"If members of the public spot any unusual activity in the communities in which they work and live, I encourage them to report it using the methods laid out in the campaign and that is either online or by phone.

"It is very important that people are not afraid to come forward because they are worried that anything they spot might be deemed unimportant. Terrorism is not just something that happens in large metropolitan areas. History has taught us that plans and ideas are drawn up all over the country so we all have a role to play in helping to tackle the threat."

Keeping the threat of terrorism in check has been one of the toughest jobs for already over-stretched forces in the modern age.

There are around 600 live investigations currently ongoing involving 3,000 individuals, with 20,000 others posing a continuing concern.

A campaign in January this year found that 83 per cent of the public were concerned about terrorism and how unpredictable recent attacks had been.

And while 75 per cent of those surveyed believed the police were doing a good job of keeping the public safe, the ACT campaign will let the public know that their input could be important in stopping any future attacks.

"The video and literature associated with the campaign will make it clear to members of the public the sort of behaviour they can be looking for and exactly how they can report anything suspicious," added Andrea.

"By increasing awareness of the dangers of terrorism, we are hoping everyone can play their part in trying to keep the authorities as informed as possible with any valuable intelligence."

A short video produced by the Counter-Terrorism Police can be viewed here.

Suspicious activity can be reported via an online portal at or confidentially on 0800 789 321.