Cleveland Police Federation
Cleveland Police Federation

Police Federation Triennial Elections 2010

The Cleveland Police Federation Joint Branch Board Elections are scheduled to take place between Monday 1st November 2010 and Wednesday 15th December 2010.

All completed nomination forms should be returned to D.C.C. Bonnard no later than first post on Monday 15th November 2010.

Details and nomination forms are available below or by contacting the Federation Office on 1246 or D.C.C. Bonnard's office on 1216.

Positions on the Cleveland Police Federation Joint Branch Board

Constables Branch Board - Hartlepool Operational
Constables Branch Board - Hartlepool Support
Sergeants Branch Board - Hartlepool Operational
Sergeants Branch Board - Hartlepool Support
Inspectors Branch Board - Hartlepool Operational
Inspectors Branch Board - Hartlepool Support

Constables Branch Board- Stockton All
Sergeants Branch Board - Stockton Operational
Sergeants Branch Board - Stockton Support
Inspectors Branch Board - Stockton Operational
Inspectors Branch Board - Stockton Support

Constables Branch Board - Middlesbrough Operational
Constables Branch Board - Middlesbrough Support
Sergeants Branch Board - Middlesbrough Operational
Sergeants Branch Board - Middlesbrough Support
Inspectors Branch Board - Middlesbrough Operational
Inspectors Branch Board - Middlesbrough Support

Constables Branch Board - Redcar & Cleveland All
Sergeants Branch Board - Redcar & Cleveland All
Inspectors Branch Board - Redcar & Cleveland Operational
Inspectors Branch Board - Redcar & Cleveland Support

Constables Branch Board - Headquarters Sergeants Branch Board - Headquarters Inspectors Branch Board - Headquarters Constables Branch Board - Wynyard Sergeants Branch Board - Wynyard

Constables Reserve Seat Sergeants Reserve Seat Inspectors Reserve Seat

For information, the Branch Board elections are based on;
'Electoral Constituencies' using the current four District Boundaries and all Police occupied establishments therein. The exception of this is Wynyard which is a stand alone constituency.

A definition of; 'Operational Support' is;
'All' Support departments within the 'Electoral Constituencies' e.g:

Criminal Investigation Departments, P.H.T., Custody, Community Safety, District Licensing, Dedicated Drugs Teams, Operation Sabre, Professional Standards Teams, Youth Offending Teams, Child Protection, Public Protection, S.O.C.O.