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Rank and file police officers in Cleveland Police have said that 71.8% of them suffer negative morale due to pay & benefits compared to the national figure of 70.9%

The findings come from the annual Pay and Morale Survey undertaken by the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW). In total 45,000 officers, equivalent to 35% of all federated ranks, took part in the survey, the biggest response rate to date. Over 51% of officers Cleveland Police took part in the survey.

Results showed that 75.4% of respondents felt there were not paid fairly for the responsibilities they have within their role, compared to 80% the national figure. Cleveland ranks 9th out of 42 forces who say they are not paid fairly for their local responsibilities

The results will be used as evidence in the PFEW's submission to the Police Remuneration Review Body at the end of the year.

Andrea Breeze Chair of the Cleveland Police Federation said "Police officers do a difficult job which is demanding and never stops. The budget cuts have led to fewer officers, diminishing support resources and yet crime continues to increase. Our members need to feel valued and obtain the recognition they deserve for the sacrifices they make to serve the public and deliver the best job they can in a difficult climate. This survey is an important source of evidence to help the Pay Review Board understand the impact that changes to pay and conditions have on our officers"

The local results also found that 53.5% i.e. over half of our respondents said their own morale was low. The key reasons cited for this was because of how the police as a whole are treated (80.8%)

Historically officers would tell the community (family/friends) what a great job it was to be a police officer and encourage them to follow in their footsteps with many 2nd generations in the police service. However, the recent figures show that two thirds (66.4%) of respondents would no longer recommend the service to others.

Andrea Breeze said "It is a sad state of affairs that police officers are so demoralised about the way they are been treated they would not recommend this career to others. The public do understand the difficulties and challenges our members face daily.

Unfortunately, despite the hard work & commitment given by our officers every day, it tends to be the negative headlines and voices that affect our members the most. Unfortunately, the skeletons of the past continue to affect the morale of the present.

We know millions of people have encouraging and valuable interactions with police officers and ask the public of Cleveland to support our officers & to continue to praise them through the various methods available.

It is also worth noting that this survey was completed by 51% of officers this year compared to last year's take up of 11%.

Last year's low personal morale was 82.4% compared to a reduction of 53.5% this year. As a local federation, we acknowledge & support the work Cleveland Police is doing in partnership with the federation to improve Wellbeing in the work place".